Whenever it is of interest to drill a high-yielding water borehole, the first stage is to undertake an extensive pre-drilling hydrogeological investigation of the area and the immediate neighbourhood to determine the feasibility or otherwise of the project.

This will involve hydrological, geological, topographical and electrical resistivity survey of the area in order to identify and delineate exact areas with good and favourable groundwater storage. Once the best point(s) for sinking borehole(s) is/are located and the depths to reach during drilling decided using the results obtained
from pre-drilling survey and based on the volume of water required by the client, a pre-drilling report will be prepared at the end of this stage.

The second stage will be to use the results and recommendations from the survey report to design the borehole(s) to be drilled and then the actual drilling will take place. We have developed an attitude of getting our works done to specification and/or customers requirement

Real Adventure Services Limited, is well equipped to take your water borehole drilling project through the process and with our ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX’ mentality we come up with a more practical and cost effective drilling scheme.

Visit us today and draw on the collective experience of our highly skilled team for a TOTAL Experience in water borehole drilling and other ancilliary services such as water treatment, sewage treatment and water storage facility.

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